Ramsys (Retail Automated Management SYStem) is a computerised retail support system capable of recording sales and maintaining inventory stock levels while providing a high level of statistical information to assist store and Head Office Management.

In its simplest form it may be run on a single, standard PC computer. For larger stores however it may be networked to allow 98 lanes per store.

In the case of a multi store chain there is a Head Office module that will consolidate data from the remote stores for dissemination to the other stores, central management reporting and centralised stock control.



PC 233 MHz CPU, 256 MB RAM, 2 GB hard drive. all versions of Windows.


PC 1.0 GHz, 512 MB RAM, 40 GB hard drive. Windows Windows 10.


Any printer with valid windows drivers. Ramsys has an internal PDF creator and is able to produce PDF files without third party software


 Fibre, Radio, ADSL, Frame Relay any broadband, IP capable medium

Ramsys may be operated via keyboard, touch screen & scanner. It is possible to use all these interactively on the same sale if required.

Contacting Allspoke

Website:         www.allspoke.com
Email:        Ramsys  Support

Urgent Phone:         +649 889 7734

System Constants

Where this manual describes actual keys being pressed they will be within the brackets '<>' i.e. <Enter> means press the Enter key.

Where applicable at the top of each page is the location in blue underlined italics. This is the menu options on the main menu to find the desired function ie. Reports/Transaction Register - the transaction register is found in the reports submenu.

All menu options are in Italics and quotes i.e. "Daily Rankings"

Using the Keyboard

<Enter>        Pressing the Enter key accepts the value entered in a field and progresses to the next field.

<Esc>                Pressing the Escape key will abort the changes made in a screen and exit that screen.

<Tab>                Pressing the Tab key will progress to the next field in the same way as the Enter key.

<Shift Tab>        Pressing Shift and Tab together will move the cursor to the previous field (this is the opposite to <Tab>).

<F?>                Press the function key along the top of the keyboard (? Represents the function key number i.e. <F1> is the help key).

<Arrow>        The keys allow you to move the cursor around in a field and are located between the alphanumeric keys (the main part of a keyboard) and the numeric keyboard on the right.

Function locations

Some pages in this manual made be preceded by a blue, bold, italic line This will give the menu options required to access this function.


Reporting/Transaction Register