The System Toolbar

The system toolbar provides a common look to the user functions in each screen. This bar will display the valid options depending of the screen function. Note while the data may be different this toolbar provides a consistent way of accessing and modifying your data.

Functions may be selected by the following methods

1.        Press the function key corresponding to the desired function (i.e. <F2> to Search, <F9> to Save).

2.        Click the option with the mouse.

3.        If you have a touch screen press the option with your finger.

F2 - Search

Pressing <F2> will display the system search screen.  Depending on where it was called from, this screen will display different information.

Fuzzy Search

To search for an item enter the Information you have in the fields. The system will search for items within these filters

Note the check box beside each fields, checking this will perform a "Fuzzy Search" for that field, In some cases this will be defaulted to on.


To find all items with "CAT" in the Label Description. enter CAT in the desc field, click the "Search" button (or press Alt+"S"). this will only return items with a decription of "CAT"

Now click the fuzzy search you will now return items which start with "CAT" and will include

  • CAT

Extra Fuzzy Search

Clicking the Extra Fuzzy Search will increase the above to include any record with the string "CAT". It will include records that start with other characters as well as long as the string "CAT" is anywhere 

this will now return items which will include

  • CAT

Note the Extra fuzzy search will be markedly slower as it must evaluate the fields and cannot optimise with indexes

if the system finds only 1 record it will return to the screen with at item selected. If there are more than 1 record these will be displayed in a list

To find an item <tab> into the field that you wish to search on i.e. in the above example you are looking for a 'Frontline' product

  • <Tab> into the Label_Desc column.
  • Start typing 'frontline' note this search is case sensitive ie. 'FRONT' is not the same as 'front'. All descriptions are in capitals.
  • As you type you will see the searcher locating the record.
  • When the desired option is highlighted (you may fine tune the search with the <arrow> keys) press <Enter> to accept.

Advanced Search

An advanced Search is also available. To use this

  • <Tab> into the desired field as with a standard search. Note you will only be able to use this option in character fields.
  • Press <Ctrl+F>. You will be asked what you wish to search for.
  • Enter the string you wish to search for i.e. 'CAT' and press <Enter>

In the above example the system will find all items with "CAT" in the Label Description. Note this will include

  • CAT

If the located record is not the desired one, press <Ctrl+G> to find the next instance.

When the desired option is highlighted (you may fine tune the search with the <arrow> keys) press <Enter> to accept.

F3 - Delete

On some screens the delete option will be available - select this option to delete the record currently being displayed on the screen.

F4 - Add

Where available this option will allow you to add a new record to the system. If a record is being edited this offers a revert and lose changes.

F9 - Save 

Use this option to save the current changes you have made in a screen.

F11 - Print 

Where available this option will print a report on the current record. Reports may be printed to the screen or a printer. If a report may be printed to the screen, selecting this option will bring up the following window

Select the destination for the report. If you have chosen the printer you may be asked which printer you wish to print to. Select the correct one and press enter.

Note the Preview option will allow the greatest flexibility See Print Preview

  1. The Email option will process the report as a PDF file - this will then be emailed to the recipiants via the communications manager
  2. HTML option will create an embedded html file so allow time for this to be created
  3. Excel file, PDF and HTML will ask for a file name
  4. Fax has the same requirements as email with the addition it will  require an account with esolutions

Esc - Exit 

This option will escape out of the current screen and abort the changes you have made. If you have unsaved changes the system will warn you of this and ask if you wish to lose these changes.